Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kinesthetics R Us

I am writing my final paper of the semester on kinesthetic prayer. What that basically means is that I am a spaz who cannot sit still and concentrate.

There are three basic ways that people learn. You should know this about yourself. It can be very helpful. Some people learn best by listening (auditory). Some people learn best by seeing or reading (visual). And some people learn best by adding some kind of physical movement to the learning process (kinesthetic).

There are scientific reasons that kinesthetic learning works. The activity of the body increases oxygen to the brain and releases neurotransmitters that increase the ability to concentrate and focus. In Normal Girl terms, I have to be moving or touching something in order to concentrate.

This is putting an official label on something I have done all my life. I cannot study without eating. Yeah, isn't that great? I cannot talk on the phone without doing something else like pacing between rooms or doodling. I cannot pray without some kind of kinesthetic activity either. I journal, count the beads on a bracelet, or I walk around the neighborhood.

Hence, my paper. I have read several books on the subject over the years out of necessity, wondering if I had ADD or was just a spaz. Now I know that when we are watching a video in class, it is OK for me to draw while listening. Weird, but it helps me focus.

In case you are also this way and need some tips, let me know, I have several.
Back to writing,
Normal (oh yeah!) Girl


emma said...

i'm a kinesthetic learner too. i feel ADD a lot too to. pretty sure it's an artist thing ;)

votemom said...

do you wear tight t-shirts with a push-up bra to pray too?

(i think that's an interesting topic!)

Normal Girl said...

Only in my dreams....

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