Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fritos Anyone?

This is a project I debated mightily. You remember I had some interest from a paint company to do a few projects. However interested they were, they were offering to pay about 2 cents an hour to do the projects. I nearly called it off, but in the end, after reading their letter again, I did it. They said after this, they would not pay 2 cents and hour. I hope that does not mean they are going to 1 cent an hour.

They sent me a terra cotta pot and saucer and said paint it. I did. I thought this would be cute on the picnic table holding Fritos. I don't know why Fritos are the thing, but that is what I thought.

I wanted to add the words of a song to my pot. I could only think of this one that had daisies in it. It is a bittersweet song about life long love and devotion. It's from the 70s. It is vintage!

Does it bring a tear?
Normal Girl