Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The West Wing

My current viewing project is The West Wing. Did you know that show had seven seasons? I did not watch it while it was on, but have seen some reruns.

The reason I did not watch it when it was on every week, is because I am the least political person you know. Politics makes me disgusted. I feel like politicians cannot be trusted, they have hidden agendas, and anyone who is a politician is inherently the kind of person I do not want representing me. On what is that based? I am not really sure, but campaign TV ads alone are enough to make me run screaming for the hills.

But, I am mesmerized by this show. All of the characters have redeeming qualities, can tell right from wrong and act on that knowledge, and place the good of other people before their own good. God's commands are actually taken into consideration when decisions are being made. If I were to design the people that ran the White House and our government, I would make them like these characters.

Have you watched the show? How close do you think it comes to reality? I think not much. And if I was given the opportunity to spend a month in the west wing of the White House, I would go in an instant. Just to see.........

I would guess that politicians started out just this way.....but have gotten really sidetracked in 200 years. It is not good for this country. If only the writers of this show were making the country's decisions, I think we would be in a better place. Weird , huh?

Why aren't there more shows with morals? It lasted 7 years, that is a long time for a TV series, something about it worked....
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