Thursday, October 14, 2010


I went to a hugh school sporting event tonight. The national anthem was played before the game. Good. But my sister and I were the only people in the gym that sang the words of our national anthem. There was total silence except for us. I was appalled. No hands over hearts, no singing. What is that?

Is it a trend? Tell me, please. It felt like disrespect. Is this what is happening at sporting events or at schools? People were watching us like we had grown extra heads. How do you hear the national anthem playing and not sing it???? Seriously. Do people not know the words or do they not care?

What about our hard won independence? What about the thousands of service men and women who gave their lives so that we could sing that song? What about national pride? I really have no understanding of this.

Or am I a dinosaur? Thoughts, my friends????
Normal Girl


votemom said...

i would find this very, very disturbing.

i have noticed a huge decline in hands-over-hearts, but i always do it anyway.

your experience sounds so incredibly sad.... i would have been thinking about it the whole game. ugh. not cool.

Wykate said...

The event I went to was a basketball game at our local community college a couple years ago, and my hubby and I were the only ones singing. I got to thinking maybe they should project the words on one wall of the gym. Some folks didn't even, well, shut up for two minutes.

Normal Girl said...

UGH, at least it was quiet in the gym where i was last night during the anthem. Good news: at least people had a bit of respect. Bad news: yeah, you can really hear 2 people singing pretty well in a silent gymnasium.

It was very disturbing to me.

I kept thinking the whole lot of those people needed to be transported to a poor, freedom-less country and see how they like America then!

Jack -n- The Beans Dog said...

In our family, Daddy is a soldier. Most of the events we go to involve the National Anthem and sometimes Army Song. Our kids say the pledge at school every morning. I think going out into the civilian world would be a shock to our system. I'd say NO you aren't crazy. I will always remove my son's hat and place my hand over my heart during that Anthem!!