Friday, October 1, 2010

Girls' Night In Awesomeness

Tonight when we went to Grace Center of Hope, we had a record 21 women in our group. It really was a terrific night. There was a lot of one on one chatting and I watched connections being made.

For our craft, we did bead soup. We all had fun and nearly everyone made at least one bracelet out of the soup.

The kids had their own table and strung beads like nobody's business!

Some played a crazy game. It was kind of dumb. I am not sure anyone liked it, but they gave it a try and at least they sat together and worked on it. Six teenage girls came with us tonight. Sometimes the prospect of spending an evening in a rescue mission with women who we don't really relate to can be daunting for even the most seasoned of us. But, those 6 girls were incredible. They pitched in, playing with the little kids, and visiting with the adults like they had been doing it all their lives. It was humbling to see them so accomplished.

We put together one big long table, brought in extra chairs and sifted through the soup.

Nuthin' better than bead soup baby!

Oh the concentration required to select beads!

Even the little kids had plenty of attention tonight.

It truly was an awesome night. We snacked, we talked, we played, and we made bracelets. We stayed later than we ever have before, and got applause when we said good night!

God is good!
Normal Girl

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