Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Even though they make me a year older, birthdays are usually fun for me. Mine was fairly eventful.

I had a surprise this morning when Pastor D read an email to the congregation that I had written to him Lesson: never assume your emails are private, hahahaha! And how pathetic is it that an email that I wrote brought tears to my own eyes? It was about Girls' Night In and I was sort of bragging about the women who went. I am proud of them.

After lunch (which was my favorite growing up lunch, which I will not describe to you so you are not grossed out), I went to a flea market. I spent $5. Got two metal chairs. I am going to use them in a talk I will be giving in November on decorating without spending much money. They have possibilities, don't you think?

And after a really short cat nap, my girls took me for Mexican (my adult favorite) dinner at an authentic Mexican restaurant. I am stuffed. It was good.

Now I have enough time for a sci fi movie before bed.

Good day,
Normal Girl

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Dawn said...

i want to learn how to decorate w/out spending much money!

i am starting my furniture collection as steve and i have like 0 furniture to our name... garage sales here i come!