Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dream a Little Dream

When I sleep deeply for the whole night, I have some hysterical dreams. Seems like age or something is not allowing me to do that very much anymore. But last night, I slept Nyquil induced sleep and had a crazy dream.

Yeah, my dreams do not always make sense and the places and people in them change without explanation. Are yours like that?

So, I was in a hotel suite with an older woman, not sure who she was...and The Human Pinball's two youngest kids. No idea what we were doing there. One of the kids had just left to find a bathroom when the room did an abrupt movement that a hotel room could never really make, and suddenly we are in a sharply banking airplane.

The plane was diving and when I looked out the window, there were hundreds of airplanes in the sky, all diving (some going straight down), and all traveling in the same direction. Older woman and I go to look out the front window. No pilots, but that did not seem to be a problem in my dream. It was snowing heavily and I asked the woman to turn the windshield wipers on. Well, of course, she did.

I see we are landing on a road. Somehow, I know we are in Dallas. People are in the way. I knock on the window, like they can hear me, and we land nice as you please on the road. Other planes are landing and some are crashing into buildings. It seems like every plane in the air all over the world is landing or crashing in Dallas.

We exit the plane and I am wondering where in the world we can hide so giant airliners do not land on top of us, when I woke up.

Ok, you dream experts, what in the world did that mean????? I never did find the kid that left the hotel to go to the bathroom. I just kept thinking I did not have to worry because she is smart enough to tell people how to get her back home.

Happy Landings,
Normal (hahahahaha) Girl

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