Friday, August 7, 2009

You Can Never Have Too Many Pillows

On our last visit to Grace Centers of Hope, we played a game in the rec room and sat on the sofas. They have four pretty nice ones, covered in chambray. But, when we sat on them, we found them really uncomfortable. It was like the back cushions were missing and it was more like lying down than sitting up straight. Or maybe they are just really deep sofas.

Two sad little pillows.

So, I asked people at church to donate pillows, and two great seamstresses volunteered to cover them. We went to visit again tonight and took all the pillows.

They made the sofas super comfy and look homey. Good job everyone at CBC, the pillows look great and the women really like them!

Oh yeah, and we did bead soup with them tonight. It is always a resounding success and tons of fun.
Normal Girl