Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have had a headache for two days this week. Finally, this morning, I woke up without it. And then at 8 o'clock, this began. My neighbor called French LaFrenchman, a tree cutter, to remove two trees on our property line. They have been growing in a 10" space between my fence and his garage. Weird, but they have provided nice shade on my deck for my raccoons.

So, Frenchy has parked the chipper in my yard. Not the neighbor's yard, my yard. It has been chipping constantly for hours. It goes like this: they drop a section of the trunk on the ground, it shakes everything in my house and makes me jump 2353 feet off my chair. Then they haul it to the chipper which sounds and feels like the dentist is drilling inside my skull with a jackhammer. Oh, and apparently, chipping on Frenchy's crew means you must be in constant verbal contact. They are screaming at each other at all times, LOUDLY, loudly enough to be heard over the chipper. Even the skinny little girl. Take zee tree away from me! The many nasty words are not in french. People yelling at each other has always unnerved me. I can't think, I can't hear the music, my headache is taking up permanent residence.

And they have completely messed up my trapping grounds.

Won't it be quiet when they are gone? And sunny? And, I hope coonie?

Wonder if they have insurance to cover an exploding head?
Normal Girl