Thursday, August 20, 2009

Make it Work

Project Runway season 6 started tonight and promises to have a full line up of crazy people. I will especially be watching the guy who went to school to be a neurosurgeon and then decided he would rather be a designer. And maybe the former drug addict who was sobbing by 20 minutes into the show. And I am sad that the girl I picked to be most entertaining got kicked off already tonight. She said that when she designs a garment, she just asks the fabric what she should do with it and then she listens to what the fabric has to say. Yeah.

Tonight's challenge was to design an outfit for the red carpet. One guy said he does not discriminate any carpet colors. How can you not watch this show? It is a hoot a minute! So, my new favorite girl got herself kicked off by designing a pair of denim shorts and a shirt. When they asked her exactly what red carpet event she designed for, she told them....the VMA's in 2080 and my girl is going to accept her award there and go straight to accept her nobel Peace Prize on the same night.

I have no idea how they could argue with that logic! You just can't trust Nina Garcia and Michael Kors. Oh yeah, and guest judge Lindsey Lohan. Seems like that explanation and outfit would have been right up her alley.

The guy who won the challenge tonight had made a huge deal out of acting like he knew nothing, had no training and could not sew. He did not even know what smocking is. He won. I think he was psyching out the rest of the crazy people, and it worked.

This show is a sitcom, right?
Normal Girl