Friday, August 21, 2009

Normal Girl Movie Review

I usually go to one movie a year. So, I pick carefully. I love movies, but I am almost always perturbed when I leave. First, they might as well hold a gun to my head and ask me to empty my pockets. It would be nearly the same as charging me $9.50. Ludicrous. And, the American public has become so rude at the movies. I think it is because we can now watch movies so readily at home that we forget where we are, and to be on our best behavior when watching a movie in the theater.

This summer, I have been to a record three movies. The first movie I spent a fortune to see, a kid behind me pulled on the back of my chair trying to launch me out of it through the whole movie. The second movie I saw, the kid and his Mother next to me carried on a running conversation about everything from the characters to what might happen next to remembering to pick up the brother at 9:30, from the title scene to the credits. In normal voice, not whispers. During the movie I saw tonight, a woman sitting directly behind me did not turn off her phone. It is one thing to forget and your phone rings. It is entirely another to leave the phone on and take calls. I could hear her and her husband on the other end of the phone conversing.

And I am not alone. This summer, Human PinBall had her foot stomped on and broken at the movies.

OK, crabfest over. That is why I wait for DVD or iTunes.

Tonight I saw Julie and Julia. I give it two thumbs up and highly recommend it if you have not seen it already. I laughed all the way through it, it could not have been more fun. Meryl Streep was Julia Child and I was so glad since the last thing I saw her in was Mama Mia. Don't get me started! I do not know how they made a 5'6" actress look onscreen like she was 6'2". But they did. I looked to see if it was the camera angle or what, but I guess it must have been done in post production, they made her tall. I need one of those cameras. They must have had a height limit to be in the movie with her. Stanley Tucci played her husband, he is 5'8", and he was much shorter than Meryl on screen. The other women in the movie looked like pixies.

I remember Julia Child as kind of a joke. Remember Dan Ackroyd doing her on Saturday Night Live? That was in there. She was a person that the media kind of made fun of because of her eccentricities. But, the movie portrayed her as witty and loving.

The movie has a running story about a girl who did a blog that turned into a book. She worked one year to make everything in Julia Child's cookbook and wrote about it. So, of course, I am ready now to write a book. If you have any ideas for topics I might write about, will you please share? All I need is a topic and I am off and writing.

The last movie I saw was Star Trek (loved it!) and I left wanting to become a movie costume designer. Do you think I might be looking for something to do with my life? Yeah.

I should have been an actress, then I could have had several lives instead of one,
Normal Girl