Sunday, June 28, 2009

This City Needs Help and Hope

Here is how I spent my day.  I have decided that I would like to be awarded four boys to do my bidding at all times.  It was pretty great. If I have to work in the church all day, sweating,  with the air conditioning turned off, I might as well have four sweaty boys doing the work, right?

We got the neighborhood hung on the walls. More pics later.  Seems I am not quite finished.  One byproduct of painting in a room too long by myself was that I painted the Penn Theater letters on the wrong board and when we hung the boards, PENN was floating in the sky instead of sitting on top of the theater.  It was also a bit disappointing to put all of the 13 pieces together and not find the pictures fabulous.  I am not sure yet how to put a little zip in it, I am thinking.

Hoping there is still some hope for that city,
Normal Girl