Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Free Stuff

I don't know if this is new because nobody has any money for eating out anymore, or if this was always happening and I just didn't know.  Restaurants seem to be giving away free things with membership in their clubs.  You just have to go to their website and check out the offer.

I love PFCHangs, so I tried it.  I joined their Warrior Club and got 10% if I go this month and a free order of lettuce wraps.

I joined the Amici club at Carrabas and got a coupon for a free appetizer.

Duncan Donuts has a club you can join for free stuff, but I passed since yeah, donuts?  I can skip them.  https://www.dunkindonuts.com/CreateAccount.aspx  But, if you can't skip donuts, you should know that this Friday they are giving away a free donut with beverage purchase.  I don't think you have to join the club for that.

If you join the club at Blizzard Fan Club at Dairy Queen, you get a free blizzard.  http://www.dairyqueen.com/us-en/

I have never been to Qdoba, but I love mexican food, so I went to their site and of course, they have a club to join.  I get free chips and salsa.  http://www.qdoba.com/Email.aspx

Oh the Border is one of my all time favs, so I tried them.  Yep, joined the club and got free queso:  http://clubcantina.ontheborder.com/clients/ontheborder/survey.htm

Then I went to Fridays because my friend The Lunchlady already has a card there and gets great discounts and free stuff:   http://fridays.com/gmms/GiveMeMoreStripes.aspx

I think I could do this all night.  Every website I went to, got me something free.  So I guess my advice is, don't go anyplace before checking their website for freebees!  

Does this only work for food, or other things too?  Anybody know?

Normal Girl