Thursday, June 11, 2009

Resume not Attached

I never dreamed I would be at a worship arts conference, but here I am.  And, loving it!  We sang, we listened to inspirational interviews, and while the rest of my team was listening to the guy who invented Veggie Tales, I attended Rags 101.  It was so great to get scenery ideas from the guy who does the same for a HUGE church with a HUGE budget.    A perfect scenario.  Not practical for me, but easily pared down for my budget and skill level. He buys fabric yardage that is 20' wide.  How in the world would I ever get that home in my car, even if I could afford it?  Oh, but it made such cool stage sets.

And, we attended a Hillsong United Worship concert tonight with 8000 other people.  It was great.  We were in the balcony and the floor bounced.  There is nothing as great as singing praises to God with 8000 people.  Pretty amazing.  If you are my facebook friend, you can see there a video I uploaded during the concert....a little bumpy from dancing with camera in hand, but cool anyway.

This guy made me feel unprepared for the day.  HA, how creative is he?  I hope he got some leads on jobs from this today.

Normal Girl