Thursday, April 16, 2009


Remember when I went to Santa Fe and immersed myself in beads and jewelry for a couple days?  I went into a very la-tee-da shop off the plaza and saw some bracelets I really liked.  They were fun and chunky (fu-chunky) and made out of beads of all kinds.  Wood, glass, bone, metal.... all mixed together.  Loved them.  Too expensive.  I can do that.  I made mine with button clasps because I have a bag of vintage buttons that a seamstress gave me.  How cool is the animal print button??? It is fuzzy!  I also really like the long wood bead, it reminds me of the teak furniture that was popular in the 50s.

Big stone bead that might be a Moss Agate, beaded bead, and a clay bead....I think it is African.  Oh, and I am in love with seed bead circles, I am adding them everyplace.

Love these dyed coral discs.......

More coral discs, some silver I bought in Santa Fe, a red hollow bead I made, a piece of fake turquoise (it is a white stone that has been dyed - be on the lookout when you think you are buying turquoise), and at the top is a chunk of Mexican Opal, translucent and gorgeous.

Two stone beads, I think they are Yellow Turquoise, a glass bead I made, big vintage button.

I am thinking about putting these on Etsy and selling them for Divine Design.  In my spare time. Hope that is before the mission trip.

Normal Girl