Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Making Progress

We are not finished yet, but making progress.... When spring comes to the tiny tots room and the tree has leaves, we will be done.

Normal Girl


votemom said...

K & A were VERY EXCITED to see the walls tonight! K recognized Jesus as Jesus even tho "miss kim forgot the face mama."

which leads me to a topic that bugs me: i hate that we draw pictures of Jesus. He should remain picture-less.

but, i digress. your Jesus, as Jesus' go, is ok.

i love the room!

votemom said...

oh i forgot to tell you what K said when we walked into the TT room and saw the painting:

"!" and she totally said it with pauses in between each word. then she repeated it two more times. hysterical!

Imaginina said...

that cracked me up...

At least I will not make Jesus blonde and blue eyed. Don't you think it helps kids to have a Jesus visual?

Anonymous said...