Saturday, April 25, 2009

Could it be Finished?

I think it is possible that we might be finished with the walls in the Tiny Tots room.  Maybe.  Perhaps.  Possibly.  I always think of things I want to add, but there has to be an end sometime. Do you see anything obvious that we missed?

Normal Girl


Joy! said...

YEAH!!!! You did a Fabulous job making it come alive as only an artist can. I say DONE! :o)

Imaginina said...

I sure hope the boss agrees.

votemom said...

very nice gals!

SOOOOOOOO glad you included a dog. becuz, you know, anna might have forgotten about dogs/being a dog for five whole minutes if you hadn't.

i think Jesus looks good. thanks to you and your helpers for all their time and energy.

Anonymous said...