Monday, April 20, 2009

A Big Adventure

Nephew 2 started off on his first big adventure of his life today.  We went to the airport with him this morning to see him off to Houston.  He trains there for a week and then goes to Iraq to work as a firefighter for a year.  He has never been away from home, never flown, never even been in an airport.  He is a firefighter and has saved the lives of a couple people.  But, for him, this is huge.  Look at him, you'd never know it.  Why do we teach our boys to be unemotional?  I know he was both excited and nervous about everything new that he will encounter in the next couple weeks. Nephew 3 and his Mom cried all the way home.  

Say a prayer for the boy when you read this?
Normal Girl


votemom said...


i hate this.

P started getting 2 to 4 brochures from the armed forces his junior year of high school. i threw them all out. i never let him look at a single one.

i don't know what i would do if one of my sons came to me saying they felt God wanted them to serve their country.

Joy! said...

Praying for him ~ Protection & Peace

votemom said...

plz update. i get depressed everytime i check your blog and see this pic.

Imaginina said...

He got to Houston without incident and promptly lost his phone.

Anonymous said...