Monday, April 27, 2009

Thoughts from The Human PinBall

HPB is in China and has something to share:

At a show in China I came across the New Pregnant Belly Casting Kit - 
It is beautifully displayed in a floor point of purchase displayer. 
Many questions came to mind as I studied this kit - 
1. What would you do with a big plaster-of-paris belly/breast casting? Paint it gold, frame it and hang it in the living room? 
Let the older kid's wear it for Halloween? Flip it over and use it as a fruit bowl on the dining room table? Save it and when the kid becomes an adult say... 
"I have a precious keepsake for you"...and hand it to them? 
2. Secondly - as a woman who has had three pregnancies in her lifetime - I can tell you from experience that if someone would have even hinted at preserving my big fat belly and other body parts in a plaster keepsake, .... I would have ripped their head off with my bare hands. 
Enough said...... all you women out there, talk amongst yourselves and if any of you have an inkling as to why someone would want this kit, please enlighten me because I have totally missed the point of it. 

Human PinBall
in China