Friday, February 6, 2009

Girl's Night In - The Musical

Tonight was Girl's Night In at Grace Centers of Hope.  It was suggested that we do a performing arts night this month.  So we did!

Women from the mission sang...... and women from our own church sang......

We had instrumental music.....

Praise in Motion danced.....

And the middle school drama team was there.  They did a powerful skit called Everything.  You have probably seen the YouTube version.  If not, check it out, it is worth watching:  

Girl meets Jesus.  Jesus gives her everything she needs and life is good.

Girl walks with Jesus.

But then, temptations and evils sneak in to take her attention from Jesus.

Remember that most of the women at GCH are in the mission because of substance abuse.  They have lived this skit.

Here are all the evils blocking Girl from Jesus.

Girl realizes she needs to get back to Jesus, but the evils fight her.

Do the evils win?

No!  When Jesus came in and protected Girl from the evils, the women in the audience jumped to their feet applauding.  They know how it is to have Jesus pull them out of a life wrecking place. There were not many dry eyes in the house.

The message tonight came through loud and clear.
Normal Girl