Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shamed by a Pregnant Woman

I have been dragging it around all day, fighting a developing case of bronchitis, trying to breathe without coughing....with a general lack of energy.  But, I went to Michaels with a new project in mind.  When I got to the checkout, a very pregnant woman was ahead of me.  She was a mess.  She was dropping things she could not retrieve, she could not focus, it was taking her forever to get checked out.  When she grabbed her belly and grunted, I found out why.  She was having contractions.  OK, I have not had a child, but do you really have to go to Michaels for scrapbook paper while you are in labor?

Avoidance technique or Type A Preparations?
Normal Girl


votemom said...

haha! this made me laugh. i can't really relate... when i have contractions, i am either (a) in my house, or (b) in the hospital. NOT in public. i was always paranoid my water would break in a public place - like in aisle 4 at the grocery store, splattering all over the pants of the guy standing next to me as we chose our jar of spaghetti sauce. ugh.

Imaginina said...

EW! I am so glad that did not happen at the register..

Dawn said...

whoa! if i am ever pregnant i would never want my water to break in a public place. i will be stuck at home from month 7 to make sure!!

Maddie and Jack's Momma said...

SO funny!

Um...my guess, Type-A. Joe and I went to Chili's while I was contracting with Maddie--on the way to the hospital!

I'd probably run errands, too!

Anonymous said...