Saturday, February 21, 2009

This is Why We are Going

I have no doubt that the Divine Design mission trip was set up for us by God.  But, I have had some trouble figuring out how I was going to ask people to support a mission trip to fix up rooms for college students. Our other Divine Design projects have been for people that have obvious needs and this felt different.

So, I did some research on their missions and found out that they do amazing things with and for the kids of inner city Atlanta every day.  What they do must be exhausting and it is certainly never ending.  They are helping kids and families and sharing God with them every single day.

Now I know that we are going to encourage a group of college students who deserve a lot more than we are going to give them.  The work they do is real and in the trenches.  And now I see why God is sending us.

Check out my post on the mission trip blog:

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