Monday, November 15, 2010

Seeking Parental Advice

The issue is hair. The girls on my dance team absolutely refuse to pull their hair out of their faces for rehearsal. I am not saying it has to be a ponytail, just the front part of the hair pulled back from the face.

That means they play with their hair, shoving it out of their faces approximately 45 times per minute. That makes for zero concentration on what they are trying to do while rehearsing. I have asked nicely. I have explained why and how it will help them. I have emailed reminders. I have even brought them headbands to wear. Finally, I offered bribes. Wouldn't you know? That did the trick.

Each week that their hair is pulled back, they get a prize from the "Yay, my hair is out of my face treat bag."

Now I have a different problem. Of course, they are complying for the wrong reason, and I am going to go broke bribing them.

Dear parents out there, how do I stop this with a good ending?

Normal Girl


votemom said...

they are old enuf to understand that worship isn't about them, but about creating an atmosphere that helps people focus on our Creator and Savior.

for next time, i would come up with a contract. i agree to.... and list the top three things that you really need their compliance on.

the minute they step off the stage, they can pull the ponytail band out. this is how it is - get over it. (said with a smile and hug, of course!)

Normal Girl said...

That is good, and they do understand it and they always have their hair pulled back when they dance on Sundays. It is only rehearsal when they feel a need for hair in their faces. Think a contract will work for that?

votemom said...

yes. you are in charge. the end.