Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Door Closes

Martha is having a contest to win a vendor table at the annual Martha Stewart Christmas Craft Sale at their office in NYC. They are expecting 2500 shoppers. I entered my fiber wrapped bangles along with my spare tire bangles. I thought I might have a shot. They selected 8 crafters and their work, published the finalists on their blog, and the world gets to vote. The top 5 get in the craft sale. I am not a finalist. But among the finalists are these....
What do you do with these?

Hahahaha. Really?

What is the message for me in this?
1. Selling finished goods is not going to be where I excel.
2. Finish the thesis!!

Alright already!
Normal Girl

1 comment:

YoungGramee said...

I went to Martha's website to see all the finalists...well, I have to say that the spare tire beats all of them!!! That's my vote! And keep writing the thesis!