Saturday, November 6, 2010

Putting Stuff on Other Stuff

I went to a bridal shower today. Dawn is marrying Steve and they are adorable. I know Dawn from church where she and I have worked together on set design, spending hours cutting styrofoam and painting. She is an artist and very creative.

It hurts me to buy salt and pepper shakers for someone, so she was forced to have a homemade present. Handmade presents can either be rejected as junk or adored because the person making it puts a little of herself into it. When I make presents for a specific person, it gives me the opportunity to pray for that person as I work. What an honor to be able to do that.

So, Dawn and Steve received this cross today at the shower. Hope they like it and it always reminds them who is in charge in their marriage.

And, how sweet it was that ladies at the shower liked the cross and passed it all over the room to check it out. So, here is another example of something that comes easy to me, that impresses other people. It's just what I do....put stuff on other stuff. It is the second time this week that I have found that I might have something to share, and I am wondering how to turn this into a job that is also a ministry.

Shoot me ideas (that are more than just selling stuff) if you have them.

To Dawn and Steve... I hope your life together is way beyond your expectations!
Normal Girl

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Dawn said...

LOVE. i hadn't much artistic stuff on the registries, so opening that gift was such a joy!

thank you so much. and thank you for inspiring me to be more creative :)