Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cookies for Niece 3

The Sequoia Niece 3 turned 18 this weekend. I know. How do you process that the kid was just toothless and is 18 this week? Now, Redwood Nephew 4 is the only non-adult we have left. By the way, Redwood Nephew 4 is now 6'5". How does that happen?

So, a couple weeks ago, my pals Amy and Amanda taught me how to make the fancy cookies with royal icing and decorations. I had fun and tried it on my own for the birthday this weekend. Niece 3 said, "You made those? I thought you bought them in Frankenmuth!" HA, success!

Things I learned about making royal icing cookies:
  • these cookies need a better name
  • they take a lot of time to make
  • if I give you one of these cookies, it means I value you, I love you, or I am bribing you
Looking forward to making Christmas cookies!
Normal Girl


Joy! said...

Exquisite :o)

Dawn said...

kim, do you like to make/decorate cupcakes ?