Friday, September 11, 2009

Yellow Daisies

Spent part of the day at Stone Mountain (in Atlanta) walking the Yellow Daisy Festival yesterday. It was hot and sweaty, but it did not rain. And I got to have Chick Fil A. What more could I ask?

I used to go to this craft show every year, but have not been in some time. Human PinBall and I walked and tossed ideas back and forth. We got a few good ones. I was surprised to see that fabric/sewing was so popular. The best thing in the show was clothes for little girls. We saw the cutest stuff on earth. Too bad (or to good) that neither of us have any little girl to dress.

I did see some art that I like a lot. Maybe I am inspired to paint. We'll see.

I did not buy much: a couple paintings, posters from the artist who did the festival advertisement design. Girl World will reap the spoils. Come see. We ran across an old pal, it was a fun day.

I have a great story to tell about my class this semester, maybe tomorrow......
Normal Girl