Thursday, September 24, 2009

Interesting Instructors I Have Known

Did I tell you about my summer class instructor? I probably did, it was one of my hot topics. He was absentee. He never came to the discussion board. He never graded our papers. Class ended in early August and I still have no returned papers and no grade for the class. I gave him a really bad evaluation. And I emailed the communications department twice. I found it a big frustrating, expensive rip off.

So, I am happy that is all over and I have moved on to the fall semester. I am taking a class called Teaching and Learning Online. A week into class, we get a new student, signed up late. It is my summer class instructor....heretofore to be known as Mr. Brady (not his real name of course). Do you think he has been told to take the class because he got a really bad evaluation from his summer class?

We introduce ourselves to each other at the beginning of the semester and the other students in my class are all intimidated to have an instructor as a fellow student. Oh, if they only knew. So far, he posts late, in the wrong place on the discussion board, and with such poor grammar and spelling, I wonder if he is drunk. He is the same kind of student as he is a teacher.

Here is my favorite part. We have one group project for the semester and the instructor assigned us into groups of three. Oh yeah. You know it. Mr. Brady is in my group!! How can you not laugh???

Praying to behave like Jesus,
Normal Girl