Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

I was walking through the neighborhood this morning as the kids were arriving for the first day of school. There is an elementary school a block from my house. Some things have changed and some things remain the same since my elementary school days. I guess. I could have some TV show memories, I wonder if I really remember back that far.

The parents stay at school with the kids on the first day?? Maybe they just want to hear what the President is going to say this morning. Cars are still parked for blocks.

There were many families walking to school with umbrellas and rain boots this morning. Some kids all dressed up in new school clothes. Some kids looked just like they did all summer. One kid stood on the sidewalk and would not move any farther no matter how the grandparents tried to persuade. One girl made her Dad stay at the corner. And he did, watching her all the way in.

I got on the bus every single first day of school, except kindergarden, so for me, it was just business as usual. Exciting to see old friends and open my new clean notebooks and write with my new pencils.

Today is my first day of school too. It is sad that I don't need new school supplies anymore. I do have $300 worth of textbooks. There is a payoff though. I am going to my first day of school sitting on the couch in my underwear.

Times have changed,
Normal Girl