Monday, August 23, 2010

The Hangar Day 1

I had such a hard time with Orbitz and our plane reservations. I made seat assignments three times. In the end, we all had either aisle or window seats. But, when we got to the airport, two of us had middle seats. Oh. man. A middle seat for 9 hours. The ladies at the counter did not help us so we went to the gate. The discussion went something like this:

Bridget: Oh, you look so pretty...
Normal Girl: Yes, and very thin and so young too.
Gate Agent: OK, what do you want?

hahahahahaha. But it worked! She managed to get us out of the middle seats. Hallelujah!

So, I sat in my window seat, watching a movie, reading a very inspiring book, trying to snooze, and watching our progress on my personal monitor.

When my seat mate said she wanted off the airplane about halfway there, I was able to say, "You should not get off, it is -45 degrees out there!

The Hangar, exterior.

I love this long wooden dish that Sheila had on the dinner table.

The Hangar, interior. House Beautiful, right?

In Landscheid, on a walk after dinner tonight. It was a little chilly, loved it!

We got a little work done today on our rooms. Also visited the German version of Home Depot and bought paint in 5 liter buckets. It was fun buying paint and finishes by verbal description. I described, the guy picked it out for me. When we open it tomorrow, we will see if we got it right.

Visit to IKEA tomorrow,
Normal Girl

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