Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ever Have a Week Like This?

I think the planets are not aligned this week, or something. Crazy weird stuff has been going on around here.

First, something bit my left heinie cheek. No, more like chewed on it. There are a lot of bites all in one place. I don't know what bit me or even when. What I do know is that it itches like CRAZY! I have tried every remedy I had available. Nothing worked. I went to the drug store tonight to find something else. The reason I bought this is the tag line. Rapid Action Itch Disrupting Formula. Yeah, that sold me. I laughed outloud in the store. But. Either is it not rapid or it is not disrupting, because my heinie still itches like CRAZY.

Second, I got a free Red Box movie on Monday. OK, they are only $1 when you pay, but who doesn't love a free movie? Unfortunately, I totally forgot I had it, and so if I can remember to return it tomorrow, my free movie is going to cost me $4. AND. My DVD player will not play it. I will spend $4 on a free movie that I cannot watch. Oh, and I am not even sure I know where it is at this moment.

Also, I came home a couple times after dark this week. The only light I have at the back door is a motion light. It comes on when I walk up to the door. Not this week. I have to feel my way to get the key in the lock and get in the house. I thought the light bulb might be burned out. No. After I get into the house and lock the door behind me, the light comes on. It is a little spooky.

Just one of those weeks. I have had some highlights along with the weird stuff, so all is not lost, just odd.

Normal Girl


votemom said...

have you tried taking benadryl (orally)? maybe you are allergic to whatever chewed on your butt.

i got bitten/chewed on by a spider(s) years ago, it happened in the night, on my face. it got into my lymph system somehow and i was swollen from my check down to my collar bone. had to be on antibiotics for two weeks.


normal Girl said...


I took Benadryl once. It knocked me out for 24 hours. No time for that this week, so I just keep scratching.

The Diplomat said...

Try a soak in an Aveeno bath--they have packets to put into the water.

hpb said...

i love you...but just gotta say... TMI

hpb said...

ONE MORE THOUGHT.... what's so bad about being knocked out for 24 hours from benaydrl?????????
sounds like a vacation to me... just saying.........

NormalGirl said...

Yes, that would be great if I was not on deadline for my thesis proposal, planning a mission trip, fund raising for said trip, and working.