Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions Again

It is ridiculous that it is New Year's Eve again. Even more ridiculous, I feel the need to review last year's resolutions to see if I accomplished any. I made a giant and ridiculous list. Are you seeing a theme here? Ridiculous.

Here is the recap:
A: Art book for Christian Women...query to Christian publisher Nope.
B: Bead Soup make it/take it table at craft shows....might be good additional income I did think about it and even applied to a craft show, but apparently craft shows are already really jewelry saturated. I did use this as a way to raise money for a mission trip and that was successful.
C: Choreograph a musical...this has been on my mind a lot lately
No, but if the opportunity presented, I would do it!
D: Dance more I danced with my dance team more, not sure that really counts
E: Enlarge Girl World by cleaning up the other side of the basement….hahahahaha, just typing it made me laugh, but it will help with some resolutions farther down the list hahahahahahahaha
F: Fondant cake making...this intrigues me rats, no, I still would like to learn this
G: Glucosamine and Chondroitin every day thanks for reminding me, be right back
H: Hair on Broadway, it opens in March Oh, I so wish
I: Increase my Facebook friends to 200, I am pitiful and don't have many friends Yeah baby, I have 264
J: Junk food reduction hahahahaha
K: Kim’s private spiritual retreat...someplace out of the way, just God and me yes I did this twice and both were amazing weeks....Santa Fe in the spring, and New Smyrna Beach in the fall. I highly recommend this and am praying for that again in 2010.
L: Lumberjack book….I have a good idea, who doesn't want to write a book? still in my head
M: Move it...I seriously need a bit of exercise
Minus some of the coldest days in December, I have walked at least 2 miles every day since August
N:….to sell some of the beads and jewelry I make hmmm, yes, I did that but now know that an Etsy shop takes ALOT of marketing, so nothing is happening
O: Office redo….this is desperate not so desperate, I guess, since this is still desperate
P: Pray with more focus I use my morning walks for prayer time and for some reason it helps me to focus when I am walking, so I did make some progress
Q: Quality time listening to God, not just talking hard!
R: Roof leak fixed Oh yeah. After that nasty raccoon fell through the ceiling I realized why I had a roof leak, and since there were giant holes both in the roof and the ceiling, I had them fixed
S: Saturday Crafternoons...income or a ministry, or both?? Nope
T: Teach classes in Girl World... will you come? Nope
U: Use some stuff in my stash before collecting more I did use some of my bead stash this year
V: Very interesting semesters in school… all three of them, not sure if I have control of this, but I am saying it anyway Oh my goodness! Two of the three were the worst semesters of the program. WHY?
W: Widen the focus of Divine Design Yes, we went to Atlanta instead of the usual Grace Centers of Hope project
X: Xtreme torch time Nope
Y: Yahoo! Celebrate the list hahahahaha
Z: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Learn to sleep less, hahaha! How else will I accomplish all this? Well, I definitely slept less this year, but note, it did not help me to accomplish much on the list.

OK, I am not doing that again this year. This year, I really think that following God's direction will really take care of all of it.

Pray for me?
Normal Girl