Saturday, December 12, 2009

An offering of Love and Encouragement

Our Worship Arts Pastor has had a rough year. There is a division in the congregation regarding music styles and he has taken the brunt of some anger. Wonder Woman and I thought it might be encouraging for him if we redid his office. You can see the need.

He has a lot of stuff! He works way too many hours, and dealing with the stuff takes a back seat.

These are the before shots. Hope you could tell that......

The wallpaper was falling off the walls in places. It took us about half an hour to remove all the wallpaper. It peeled right off.

And, after a day with the amazing Wonder Woman and her organizational skills, and a handful of other worship arts team members, you see the after shots. The wall color turned out more yellow than I wanted. But, with the lights on in the dark, the color is warm and good. We did kind of a stucco effect on one wall that had a lot of imperfections. If you are ever thinking of doing that on a wall, ask me about it first.

Now there is room for practicing and giving lessons.

The room now feels huge! He is probably going to have to ask us where we put things for awhile.....but he is happy! We have offered him the choice of an additional table for a work station, or, a big wicker chair with a cushion, to go on the window wall. He is thinking about it.

And I only fell off the ladder once,
Normal Girl