Friday, December 25, 2009

This Year's Christmas Joke

Merry Christmas! Most years, we play a little joke on Mom for Christmas. The stupid thing is that she does not usually get it, but we laugh our heads off over it for days. We have always been able to entertain ourselves.

She is the gestapo of Christmas lists. We are each required to send her a long list. She, however, does not reciprocate, and on top of that, she is very difficult to buy for. This year, she gave us one item when asked. A black purse. A black purse that has compartments, a front pocket, shoulder strap, should zip closed, and not have any large compartments where things get buried down in the bottom. I will tell you now, that is not possible to find. So, all three of us were searching for the elusive black purse....but not knowing that the others were shopping for the same thing.

Two days before Christmas, I discovered that two of us had bought a black purse. So, of course, we got to work and managed to wrap six black purses. As Mom opened them, she did not even grow suspicious, she just said thank you for each one. Some of them were hideous, as we bought them for $1 at the thrift store. She offered a nice thank you for the black glitter purse with the big peace sign on the front. We were laughing like crazy people.

She did loosen up a little when we explained it to her, but in the end, the joke was for our entertainment and we enjoyed it very much. Now we have a few black purses to return.

Worth it!
Normal Girl