Monday, July 12, 2010

Thanks Dad

Normal Girl: My garage is leaning. How can I fix that?
Dad: No, it isn't.
NG: Look at it, there is a gap at the bottom.
Dad: It is not possible for the garage to lean, it has huge joists. The garage door still works, it is not leaning.
NG: I got out the level and held it to the wall, it is definitely leaning.
Dad: You are seeing things.
NG: Remember that time when you could tell me something and I would believe it just because you told me so?
Dad: {big grin}
NG: That day is long past.
Dad: I could get a chain, hook it to the tree and to the garage and then it would not lean anymore
NG: Thanks Rube Goldberg, but it is leaning toward the tree.
Dad: What's for lunch?

If you know how I can fix this problem (the garage, not the Dad), please tell me,
Normal Girl

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