Thursday, July 29, 2010

CHA and the Button Ring

I spent the day making button rings with about 225 of my closest craft friends. Well, I just met them, but I liked them all. It was the easiest, fastest and coolest project on the show floor.

And once someone made one, she wanted to sit all day and make them. Some women would have made 5 or 6 if I had not cut them off. The buttons are fab. I don't blame them. Kind of.

And not one glue gun burn all day!

The best story of the day is that I had an interested sales rep from the company who learned how to make the rings, learned how to teach to make the rings, and then stood with me most of the day helping women at the table. He was young and cute and Dutch. The women flocked in. His English was really good, but once in awhile, he would ask me a word.

He asked what to call the thing we put the buttons on. I said "string." He asked me maybe 4 times and gave me a weird look each time. Finally he told me that string is a kind of underwear for women. Yeah, G string here is just string there, apparently. No wonder he could not tell anyone about the string!

Not everything translates well,
Normal Girl

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Joy! said...

ah hahahah! Love the ring and the string story :o)