Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tornado? So What?

It is tornado season here in Michigan. The sirens went off this weekend at 11pm, but we were lucky. Where my sister lives, 30 minutes from here, they were not so lucky and they spent the night in the basement.

This might seem weird, but tornados remind me of dance recitals.

Growing up, dance recital time was always early June, during tornado season. It never failed, that during the recital, or during rehearsal for recital, we would get bad and scary weather, and we would all end up sitting in the hallway of the high school.... with no electricity, covering our heads, waiting for it to pass.

One year, the weather hit during the recital. My sister's class was mid-dance, on stage. She was young, maybe 8 or 9. Miss Eleanore (dance teacher) told us so many times that nothing should make us stop dancing once we were on stage, that when the lights went out, those 8 year old troupers kept right on dancing. When the generator lights came on, there they were, still dancing through the dark, with no music. They got huge applause for their guts and presence of mind. I thought they were great. No screaming or crying, they just kept right on doing what they were supposed to do. Luckily, they got to start again and do their dance in the light with music.

Thank goodness, what a waste of perfectly cool sequined dance costumes that would have been.

Stay safe and keep dancing!
Normal Girl

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