Sunday, June 13, 2010

Homework Boycott Movie

I have never watched this movie, I think because I am not a Nicole Kidman fan. But, so many people have talked about its wondrousness, that I scheduled it tonight for my no homework night. I love a musical!

OK, what am I missing? I am almost an hour into it and am thinking about turning it off to read.

Normal Girl


votemom said...

i don't know what you are missing, becuz i seem to be missing it too.

my daughter loves it.

there's apparently some kind of correlation to the book of hosea...?

Dawn said...

yeah, hosea i think. its a very artsy film, of course. and the colors do an amazing job of revealing to you the mood of the movie/characters at particular times. for example, red=passion. haven't seen the movie for a number of years. now i want to see it again.

Normal Girl said...

Hosea? I would say that is a stretch.

emma said...

i love that movie! and YES it is a correlation to the book of hosea. he falls in love with a prostitute and she leaves him and he finally in the end is able to bring her back.
except in this movie they never get married and she dies in the end.
music is fun too.

don't judge.


Sparkle said...

Poo! We are allowed to judge a movie we paid to watch!

I found it one cliche after another. Maybe that is why only young people like it. All of the bits are not cliche to them.

I tried to like it.....