Wednesday, June 23, 2010

History Buttoned Up

I am spending a couple days at the office of Blumenthal Lansing this week. You know them, they sell buttons, and have been selling buttons since 1877. So, I am in Carlstadt, New Jersey and the office is across the street from the big warehouse where they make the Macy's parade floats. No sightings yet, but I am watching. Word is they are making a new Santa float.

It has been an interesting and enjoyable week. The walls of the office hold the history of buttons. It is fascinating. There is a display case like this for each decade, and then some.

Each has a short history lesson.

The pearl buttons are my fav. Buttons really used to be works of art. Look at these amazing things!

For sure, I do not have a garment that could manage these, but aren't they gorgeous?

One hallway has magazine ads from all eras. This one from the 50s.

This one from 1970. Apparently any dummy could sew on a button in 1970. These days, I am not so sure. I think I knew more people that cannot sew on a button than can.

Anyway, it has been so very interesting to see where they have been and where they are going.
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