Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shoe Shopping

Vacuum shoes. I don't know how they work, but I am saying to you Wonder Woman, if everyone in your house had a pair of these, you would never need to use a vacuum cleaner again!

Electricity Generating Shoes. They are advertised to generate electricity while you walk....enough to power your iPod. Really good if you keep losing your charger cord, like I do.

These are apparently the rage with teens in Japan. When you break you ankle walking in them, you will have a handy game boy while you are sitting in a chair waiting for it to heal.

I think your Mom would like these.

MP3 Shoes. Play your music over the speakers or use them wirelessly with your headphones. What happens when you get caught in the rain or the sprinkler?

Not only are these flip flops waterproof, they are booze proof.

GPS Shoes. You have heard of the gift that keeps on giving. This is the gift to which you keep on giving. They will cost you $200 and an additional $10 every month. But, you will never get lost! Well, until you step in a puddle or kick something too hard. Do you think they talk to you like the GPS in your car?

You are probably not going to buy these shoes, but I had to include them. They are made specifically for prostitutes. I wonder how large a market that is. They have an alarm in case you get into trouble. They have hidden compartments for your keys and cash and other small tools of the trade. There is a little computer screen that runs a blog for you. You and your fellow workers can input problem clients, so you always have a running list of them. Kind of like checking ID before you get to work, I guess. And there is a GPS in case you lose your corner.

The Human PinBall is in China right now. If you need any of these for Christmas presents, she can probably find them for you there. Order now!

I love shoes,
Normal Girl