Friday, October 16, 2009

All I Need are 30 Cats

I walked into Michaels this afternoon an inspired, creative artist...and left, the crazy cat lady. Minus the cats. I am working on some projects for a vendor. So, I took my approved drawings in to buy all the fun stuff I need to make them.

It became apparent that I am just not hanging out at Michaels like I used to. They had nothing! I have never worked with this vendor before I don't know how much I can change things they have already approved. I caught myself walking the aisles talking to myself. I mean, come on! I needed orange glitter. Where and when would you expect to be able to buy orange glitter? Michaels in October???? Pink beads. Is that to much to ask? Argh, it was very frustrating. And kind of funny to catch myself acting like a crazy person.

Still muttering to myself,
Normal Girl


votemom said...

so we were sitting at a red light yesterday, and a car pulls up next to us and kate says "miss kim!"

i look over and it's this woman in a black leather coat, with her arm hanging out the window holding a cigarette between her green polished fingernails.

her hair was brassy blonde with black roots and let's just say she looked like she had been around the block a couple times.

anna said "that's NOT miss kim!" and i felt relief (for you), until she added "miss kim has a red car!"

hahahaha... it made me laugh.

(and this proves that the need to see you again, close up. hint hint)

Imaginina said...

Did she have 30 cats?

Anonymous said...