Friday, October 2, 2009

Pick Me!

I saw this on facebook this morning and it gave me an idea....

I am looking for a job. Would this be better than a resume? Should I make my own video? Here is my script. Picture it:

  • In this line of work, you need design skills as well as instincts Check this out. (a crowd of people are shopping for jewelry at a big show, milling around. I pull out one necklace, and the whole crowd comes over to ooh and ahh and place orders) That's why you pick me.
  • Watch this. Michaels corporate offices. Twelve vendors. Twelves sales/marketing teams. One choice. (the buyer comes in, ignores everyone but me and invites me to come into her office) Pick me.
  • Seriously. How many reasons do you need to pick me to grow your business? Honestly, I could do this all day. (sitting at my desk in my studio taking phone calls. Yes, I can make and write a blog for your grass roots marketing plan. Of course I can design a new line for you that the buyers will love and have it ready in a month. No problem, I am happy to write an education program for your new line of jewelry findings.) I'd pick me.
  • They've been asking me to do this all day. Check it out. OK, one more time. (I quickly sketch three unique bracelet designs) That's three reasons to pick me. Your move.
Would it work, do you think? I just need a filmmaker.
Normal Girl