Thursday, July 23, 2009

Word of the Day

Ludicrous, adj. So foolish, outrageous, or out of place as to be amusing.

Do you know that in Plymouth if there is a funeral, you can't get to the post office? Ludicrous.

I went to Jo-Ann's today and there were 16 people in line at the check out in front of me and no additional checkers were called. This happens a lot there, completely ludicrous.

When I got 4 inches of interfacing at the cutting counter, the woman asked me if I needed help to carry it to the front of the store. I asked her to call someone. How ludicrous! HAHAHA, that was pretty funny and it made me laugh. It cost me 28 cents........and 30 minutes in line.

I tried to buy two notebooks at Rite Aid today because they are advertised as buy one get one free. They made me pay 50% for the second one even though the sign said free. Beyond ludicrous.

I am procrastinating writing my final paper of the semester with everything I have within me. I am very close to cleaning or exercising. HOW LUDICROUS IS THAT???

Hoping your day is ludicrous,
Normal Girl