Thursday, July 2, 2009

Destined to Be an Author

I read an article today called, "How to write an E Book that sells in 2009."  The main premise is that anyone can make money from a blog if they have something to sell.  OK, I can write quickly and easily, and I have had several how-to books published.  

The article says I have to write about something that solves problems or desires for people, and give them their money's worth.  I have written 9872343 papers in the last couple years, certainly I could write a compelling book, right? So, I did some thinking about it.  What do I know, from which other people might benefit?

  • 25 Creative Ways to Procrastinate Anything
  • How to Build Anything with Styrofoam, Wire, and Duct Tape
  • Wild Animals and You
  • How to Glitter Anything
  • How to Channel the Overachiever in You
What do you think? Would you read any of those?

OK, maybe not so compelling, still working on it,
Normal Girl



emma said...

i would buy the one about glitter as a mother's day gift.

Imaginina said...

HA! That really made me laugh, thank you!!

votemom said...

haha. very funny.

Owen's Grammy said...

I like the one about glitter... Only I would call it, "The Glitter Life".
And I would start with a black sweatjacket project!

Barbara said...

Seems like that suggestion was made to you, the lady of mega talents and inspirational words, several years ago. So I guess I would have to go for the 25 Creative Ways to Procrastinate Anything. That being said, I still think you could do something with lampwork. I'd subscribe to that too. Just another career path . . . don't want to get bored.